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Investment Management for Professional Athletes

Protecting Your Lifestyle for the Future Through Professional Investment Management Today

Many professional athletes find themselves unable to sustain the same lifestyle while playing professionally due to poor budgeting, lack of investment management and overspending.  This does not have to happen to you.  By contacting TBH Sports, you will learn that TBH Sports will act as your financial coach to create personalized investment planning solutions that take into account all aspects of your professional and financial life.  Our financial guidance, investment tools and expertise will help you gain confidence in a more secure and lasting financial future regardless of the length of your career. We want our financial plans to have lasting power, especially if something unexpected occurs such as injury that can disrupt your career.

We believe that consistent investment management according to your long-term budget and financial goals is the best way to create a long-term financial future.  Beginning on day one, we will begin to build the right portfolio for you and search for financial opportunities created by market conditions that meet your goals.  As your career progresses, we will work closely with you and provide clear communication to help you have a better understanding of the global market dynamics and its impact on your investment portfolio.  Upon retirement from the sport you love, we will be with you as you start the transition to a new career.  Together, we will create an investment plan that allows you to afford the lifestyle you deserve while preserving wealth for the future.  

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